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Maintenance of Hydraulic Power Chuck

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Hydraulic chucks are widely used in CNC machine tools. If they are used for a long time, they will not be clamped tightly. In order to ensure that the chuck has good accuracy after long-term use, lubrication is very important. Incorrect or inappropriate lubrication will lead to some problems, such as abnormal function at low pressure, weakening of clamping force and poor clamping accuracy.The hydraulic chuck is abnormally worn and stuck, so the chuck must be lubricated correctly.

When using chuck lubricating oil, be sure to clean the chuck body and sliding guide surface with air gun or similar tools. The use of anti-rust cutting oil can prevent the internal rust of the chuck. The rust will reduce the clamping force, which must be paid special attention.

The hydraulic chuck must be removed for thorough cleaning at least every six months, but if cutting cast iron, it must be thoroughly cleaned at least once or more every two months. Check whether all parts are broken and worn. If it is serious, replace it with a new one immediately. After inspection, oil shall be fully supplied before assembly.



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