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Permanent Electromagnetic Chuck

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The electric permanent-magnetic chuck is the new type magnetic chuck making use of electric pulse for “Switching On and Switching Off”magnectic force.After holding workpiece with magnetic force,it will keep the attraction indefinitely .Time for “ON/OFF”is less than 1 second.The energy consumpting of electric pulse is very small,so the chuck will not be heated and distorted.The electric permanent-magnetic chuck is without mechanical moving components,so it is with stable and hard strcuture and high precision.
    The electric permanent-magnetic chuck can be widely used as holding component of various kinds of plain surface grinder and electromaching machine tools.The high power electric permanent-magnetic chuck can also be used for holding workpiece for milling machine ,drill press, planning machine and boring machine.Furthermore ,it is also adopted in the machining center and FMS as attached fixture device.
     The electric permanent-magnetic chuck can be classified as ordinary electric permanent-magnetic chuck ,standard  electric permanent-magnetic chuck and  high power electric permanent magnetic chukc.
     Electric permanent-magnetic chuck can hold workpeice to fixture.It becomes permanent -magnetic when electrification in a twinkling .It can be removing magnetism and  take down wokpieces .Safe and save of energy ,easy to operate,without top temperature and out of shape ,high precision .The chuck has special charge /discharge magnetism power device.