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Economic 4 Position NC Turret

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AK21 series NC turret is an important accessory for NC lathe and especially applicable for economic NC lathe.lt is designed to hold several tools and automatically index.Thus automation and high efficiency of operational procedures can be realized.
lt utlizes a face gear coupling as indexing mechanism.Indexing sequence is mainly controlled by a positioning face gear and a HALL transducer.So it features high accuracy,reliability,compact design and easy maintenance.
Items AK21240X4F AK21300X4E
Turret square mm 240 300
No. of positions 4 4
Center height of data plane  mm 120 140
Time of per position rotation  s 2.9 3.9
Rotating speed  r/min 20 15.6
Max torque in Hor.  Nm 1000 2750
Max torque in Vert.  Nm 2500 5500
Repeatability 0.008 0.008
N.W.  kg 74 157
G.W.  kg 89 172
Packing dimension cm 59x39x41 66x46x47