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VDI 4 Position NC Turret

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AK27 NC turret is an important accessory for NC lathe and especially applicable for large NC horizontal lathe and NC vertical lathe.It is designed to hold several tools and automatically index.Thus automation and high efficiency of procedures can be realized.
It utilizes a face gear coupling as indexing mechanism.Indexing sequence is mainly controlled by a positioning face gear and transducers.So it features high accuracy,reliability,wide application and compact design.

Items AK27300X4D AK27380X4SH AK27400X4D
Turret square  mm 300 380 400
Height of datum plan   mm 125 145 196
Time of changing tool per position   s 4 6.5 8.5
Max.clamping force  KN 27.5 60 100
Torque of motor   Nm 5 6.4 9.4
Net weight  kg 122   400
Gross weight  kg 132   430
Packing dimension  cm 50x39x45 48x48x46 60x73x54
Repeatability    mm ≤0.005
Torque in vertical   Nm 4000 5500 5500
Max elastic deformation in vertical   mm ≤0.06
Residual deformation in vertical  mm ≤0.015
Torque in horizontal  Nm 2000 3000 3000
Max elastic deformation in horizontal   mm ≤0.06
Residual deformation in horizontal  mm ≤0.015