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Classificaton and Advantage of Hydraulic Power Chuck

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Many people donot probably know what a hydraulic chuck is? Now we will walk into the world of hydraulic chucks and start the journey of knowledge for you.
The hydraulic chuck can be sorted as two kinds according to its structures. One is the back pull hydraulic chuck, that is, the chuck is installed in front of the lathe spindle, and the rotary hydraulic cylinder is installed on the rear of spindle. This kind of installation has excellent anti cutting and waterproof ability. The other is the front-mounted hydraulic chuck, which is the integration of chuck and rotary cylinder. This installation is relatively simple and convenient, and the price is relatively economical.

What are the advantages of the hydraulic chuck?
1. The working efficiency has been improved and the labor intensity of workers has been greatly reduced.
2. Good safety performance. After installation, the workpiece will be clamped automatically, and  will not fall down even in case of emergency of power failure.
3. The hollow through hole of hydraulic chuck is convenient for long part processing and installation of the material feeder.
4. The front-mounted hydraulic chuck is more easy to be installed. It only needs a hydraulic station and does not need to add any other equipments, which saves the production cost.
5. The clamping force of hydraulic chuck can be adjusted at will, which can greatly meet the demand of producing most products.
We hope this knowledge journey will be helpful for you. Our company will wholeheartedly provide you with high quality products and nice service.

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