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Front-mounted Pneumatic Power Chuck

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The front-mounted pneumatic chuck is mainly composed of the chuck body, the cylinder head, the blocking cover and the spacer plate to form the chuck body. The flange is fixedly connected to the cylinder head with flange connection screws, and a check valve is installed at the front end of the chuck body. A slot is provided at the front end of the chuck body, and a sliding seat is installed in the groove. The T-block and the jaw are installed on the sliding seat with a claw mounting screw. The piston is installed in the chuck body and connected with the wedge sleeve.
The features of the front pneumatic chuck are: the back of the chuck body is equipped with an air distribution ring, the air distribution ring and the chuck body are sealed by a sealing ring, and two pipe joints are installed on the upper part of the air distribution ring. A chute is provided on the wedge sleeve. This design integrates the cylinder body and the chuck into a whole part, and it is installed on the spindle of lathe. There is a large through hole in it, which can pass long rods. Therefore, the chuck is mainly used for clamping long pipes, which can greatly reduce labor intensity and shorten clamping time and the clamping force can be adjusted. It is matched with a CNC lathe and is a good equipment for processing long pipes.



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